How to Draw a Cherry Blossom Tree

Updated February 21, 2017

Clouds of blossoms seem to settle over the branches and trunk of a cherry tree. The white or pink blossoms fill the branches covering a large portion of the tree. Drawings of a cherry tree are springtime embellishments for greeting cards and wall hangings. Hobbyists use them for patterns in needlework and hand painted embellishments.The mass of blossoms can seem intimidating as you start to draw the tree. Individual flowers are highlighted at the top of the drawing. Shadowing will give an illusion of the mass of blossoms on the entire tree.

Draw a straight line across the paper with a dull pencil to mark where the soil or ground is on the drawing paper. The line should be a faint mark to use as a guideline. Lightly sketch in a triangle shape for the bottom of the tree trunk.

Look at a photo of a live cherry tree. Draw the base or bottom of the trunk with a sharpened drawing pencil using the triangle shape to create the sloping lines on both sides of the tree as it grows out of the ground.

Draw the vertical lines of the tree trunk upward at an angle. Sketch in lines for two or three main tree branches. When drawing a third branch make sure it is above the Y-extension for the first two branches.

Hold your pencil between your thumb and forefinger and lightly shade in the outline of the flowering branches with the side of the pencil lead. The shadowing will produce a cloudlike outline. Look at your drawing to see if the shape of the entire tree top looks realistic with the addition of the shadowing. Add more shadowing to define the overall shape without going into detailed sketching.

Erase unnecessary guidelines from the triangle shape using an art eraser. A pencil eraser will cause smudges on the paper.

Sketch over the lightly drawn lines of the entire trunk and branch system with a sharp pencil. Add detail to the tree bark by adding short lines and cross-hatch markings. Make small odd-shaped "Y" twigs at the ends of the branches.

Draw tiny five-petaled cherry blossoms here and there on the shadowed area around the branches. Darken the bottom areas of the shadow by using the shading technique with increased pressure on the side of the pencil lead. The top area of the blossoms will have lighter shading because the sunlight is highlighting the blossoms.


If you want to do the drawing in colour use coloured pencils. For example, when shadowing in the area around the branches use a light pink coloured pencil. Add more shadow details at the bottom or shady areas of the treetop with a darker pink colour.


Be aware that most cherry trees produce blossoms before any leaves start to emerge. Greenery will not look realistic in the drawing.

Things You'll Need

  • Drawing paper
  • Drawing pencils
  • Cherry tree photo
  • Art eraser
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