How to Boot a Dell Latitude C610 From a USB

Written by tiffany garden | 13/05/2017

The Dell Latitude C610 is a laptop computer that comes with an optical drive. You may find yourself in a position where the optical drive is not working, or you are unable to burn a boot image to a CD or DVD to use in the drive. In this situation, you may be better off using a bootable USB drive.

Insert the USB drive into your Dell Latitude C610 and restart the Dell.

Press F2 during the boot up process to enter BIOS.

Scroll through the list of options until you reach "Boot Options." Press Enter.

Select your USB drive and press U to move the USB drive to the top of the list. Save your changes and restart the Dell to boot directly off of your USB drive.

Things you need

  • Bootable USB drive

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