The 4Chan Addon: How to Use Thread Watcher

Written by louis raczka | 13/05/2017

The 4Chan Addon is a Mozilla Firefox extension developed by members of the 4Chan community to aid users in the viewing and navigation of the 4Chan image board. As 4Chan is one of the most popular and active image boards on the Internet, keeping track of particular threads can be difficult due to the high amount of activity in a given thread or 4Chan section. The 4Chan Addon thread watcher allows you to track specific threads, and you can access watched threads from the thread watcher windows at the top of every 4Chan section or from the thread watcher page.

Navigate Firefox to a 4Chan subsection, such as Anime & Manga, Video Games or Oekaki. Scroll down until you find a thread you want to watch.

Click the graphical icon to the left of the threat title and the thread poster's name. The thread will be bookmarked by the 4Chan Addon.

Scroll to the top of the 4Chan subsection you are currently viewing. All watched threads in the currently viewed subsection will be visible in a window to the left of the 4Chan subsection image header. Click the "V" link to view the watched thread, or click the "X" link to stop watching the thread.

Click the "TW" link in the top right corner of a 4Chan page to view the thread watcher page. The thread watcher page displays all watched threads on all subsections of 4Chan, and organises all watched threads by subsection. Click the "view" link to view the watched thread, or the "delete" link to stop watching the thread.

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