How to Embed iTunes Links on Facebook

Updated April 17, 2017

Apple's iTunes may have begun as a practical way to organise and play your digital music, but it has since evolved into a comprehensive store, personal recommendation system and platform for social interaction. iTunes has received many features in updates over the years, with the release of iTunes 9 introducing Facebook integration. Since iTunes 9, this feature has remained present in subsequent upgrades, allowing you to post anything on the iTunes Store to your Facebook profile.

Open iTunes on your computer, and click the "iTunes Store" link in the left column of the application window.

Find an item you want to share on Facebook. Use the search field in the top-right corner of the application window or use the links at the top of the iTunes Store to browse featured content, popular content and content by categories. To share an item from your iTunes library, click the "Ping" button and then select the song, artist or album home page in the iTunes Store.

Click the small, grey arrow next to the item you want to share.

Select "Share to Facebook" from the drop-down menu. iTunes will redirect you to your Web browser.

Enter your Facebook login information, and click the "Allow" button to grant iTunes permission to access your Facebook profile.

Click the tab next to "Share," and select how you want to share your item. You can post to your own wall, a friend's wall, a group wall or send the item in a private message.

Type any text you want to include with your link into the field. To change thumbnails, click the grey arrows under the thumbnail image.

Click the "Share" link button to post the item to Facebook.

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