How to make capital letters lower case

Updated July 20, 2017

Capital letter can be changed to lower case on a computer with a few quick button strokes. While editing on paper, use correct proofreading symbols to indicate the need for a capital letter to be changed to a lower case letter.

Highlight the text that is in capital letters by placing the cursor next to the text, holding down the left mouse button and dragging the mouse over the text until it is fully highlighted.

Press and hold the SHIFT button while the text is still highlighted.

Press the F3 button while still holding down the SHIFT button. This will bring all the capital letters down to lower case.

To capitalise the first letter of every sentence, press the F3 button again while still holding down SHIFT.

Locate the capital letter in the text that needs to be in lower case form.

Draw draw a backslash over the capital letter. This indicates that you would like it to be changed to a lower case letter.

Write a lower case "lc" in the right hand margin of the page and circle it, placing it on the same line as the sentence you corrected.

Count the number of backslashes you used in the sentence to indicate a capital letter needed to be changed to a lower case letter. Place this same number of backslashes on the right hand side of the circled "lc" to show the compositor how many capitalisations needs to occur in the sentence.


Make sure all the capital letters needed for proper nouns remain capitalised. (See Reference 1).

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