How to Double-Side Print on a Canon MP600

Updated March 23, 2017

One feature of the Canon MP600 series is its ability to make auto-duplex copies. Printing duplex documents refers to a printer creating double-sided prints -- a feature that can be handy for saving paper and creating booklet-style documents. Because the Canon MP600 can make duplex documents automatically, there is no need to manually reinsert the paper into the printer tray, as many printer models require. This makes the process of creating duplex documents faster and less burdensome for the user.

Open the Printer Driver Setup window to manage the print settings for your Canon MP600 printer.

Click on the "Page Setup" tab and click on the "Duplex Printing" check box. For automatic double-sided printing, also click on the "Automatic" check box.

Select "Normal-Size Printing" from the Page Layout options. Other available options include "Fit-to-Page Printing," "Scaled Printing" and "Page Layout Printing."

Click on "Print Area Setup" in the Duplex Printing section if the document you are printing has narrow margins. Because duplex printing decreases the margin size even further, you might need to decrease the print size prior to beginning the print job. This window gives you the option to print normally or to print using a reduced-size type.

Select the staple side if you plan to staple the document after it's printed.

Click the "OK" button to begin printing your double-sided document.

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