How to Play ISO on the HomeBrew Channel

Updated March 23, 2017

An ISO image is a copy of actual disc data used on the PC. ISO images can be any type of media, including a video game. The HomeBrew Channel is a software application used on the Nintendo Wii. The channel lists multiple software applications stored on an SD card, so you can customise the channel to your liking. The purpose of the HomeBrew Channel is to add software on the Wii game console. You can play an ISO on the HomeBrew Channel by downloading a program that allows you to play your Wii ISO games.

Connect your SD card to your PC. Download and install cIOS with WAD Manager. Go to your "Program Files" folder or the folder where you store downloaded programs and then copy the cIOS file and ISO Loader to the "Apps" folder on your SD Card. Disconnect the SD card from your PC.

Connect the SD Card to your Nintendo Wii.

Power on your Nintendo Wii and then navigate to the HomeBrew Channel. Click on the HomeBrew Channel icon and then click "Start" to go to the available programs stored on the channel.

Click the "cIOS Installer" icon on the HomeBrew Channel to install the program on your Wii. Click "A" on your Wiimote to install the program. It takes a few minutes to install. Go back to the HomeBrew Channel and then click "Backup Launcher" aka ISO Loader.

Insert your Wii ISO into your Wii disc tray and then close the disc tray. Click "Launch Game" to play ISO on the HomeBrew Channel.

Things You'll Need

  • SD card
  • ISO burnt on a disc
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