How to create a free eflyer

Updated February 21, 2017

Creating an eflyer -- a virtual flyer sent by e-mail -- is an ideal way to advertise an event in today's modern, Internet-centred world. Because they eliminate the need for paper and other mailing supplies, eflyers are environmentally friendly and inexpensive. They also simplify the invitation process, which used to require time-consuming activities like copying, folding, and posting or mailing paper flyers. All you need is a computer with a word processing program and access to the Internet to create a free eflyer for your next party, fundraiser or other event.

Pull up the word processing program on your computer. Open, name and save a new document that will serve as your eflyer.

Go to the page borders feature and insert a border, if desired. Adjust the colour, width and design of the border to fit your theme.

Visit the "insert" menu and click on "picture" or "clip art" to add a picture or clip art to your eflyer. Browse your program's clip art or your own pictures to add to the eflyer. You can also download an image from a free website like Photobucket, then pull it up in your pictures file and add it to your eflyer. Left-click on the picture and drag the corners inward or outward to adjust the picture size. To move the picture, left-click on the picture and hold the button down while dragging the picture to your desired location.

Adjust the size and style of the font and type your desired text on the eflyer. Alternatively, add a text box from the "insert" menu and type your text inside it. A text box is beneficial because it allows you to adjust the text font and size and it won't disrupt the format of the rest of your eflyer. Right click on the text box to resize it, move it and add or remove a border. Add as many text boxes as required to your eflyer.

Select the "print preview" option to see how your eflyer will look. Go back and make any adjustments if necessary. Save the final version.

Convert your eflyer to a PDF document by visiting a website that will do a free conversion, such as PDF Converter. Pull up your document in the website's browse window, type in your e-mail address and click the "convert" button. A PDF version of your eflyer will pop up and allow you to view and save it. Converting your eflyer to PDF form will allow more people to view it, since most computers have a PDF viewing program.

Prepare your eflyer e-mail by typing in your contacts. Type any desired information in the subject line and in the body of the email. Attach the PDF form of your eflyer to the email and send the email.


Save your work on a regular basis to avoid losing it in case of a power outage or computer malfunction.

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