How to Read eBooks on PS3

Updated March 23, 2017

An ebook, short for "electronic book," is a book that you can read using a computer or device that supports Internet browsing. Some people find it more comfortable to read books on a television screen than to hold a book. While the PS3 does not support PDF files, which is the main file format used for ebooks, you can use another method to read ebooks on a PS3. Manybooks, a website that hosts thousands of ebooks, also hosts ebooks specifically for use by PSP and PS3 users, and can be accessed using the PS3 Internet browser.

Scroll over to the "Network" tab on the PS3 home screen and select "Internet Browser" by scrolling down to it and pressing the "X" button on the controller.

Press the "START" button to bring up an on-screen keyboard. Using the left joystick to scroll over letters and pressing "X" to select them, enter the URL of the Manybooks PSP website, Press the "START" button again to go to the website.

Select the method of search you wish to use to find an ebook you would like to read. You can browse by author, titles, categories, most popular, languages and ebooks recommended by other users.

Browse through the list of ebooks until you find one you would like to read. To open the ebook, simply click on its title. This will bring you to a text webpage displaying the book in small pages. To move to the next page of the book, click "Next."

Things You'll Need

  • Internet connection to PS3
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