How to Hide a Wall-Mounted TV

Updated February 21, 2017

The days of bulky televisions ended with the release of LCD and plasma screen TVs. These flat-panel options are light enough to mount on a wall with proper hardware. Even though the wall-mounted TV takes up minimal space in a room, you may not want to look at it when not in use. Consider one of several options to hide the television on your wall.

Create the illusion that your wall-mounted TV area is another window in the room. Install a curtain that looks like your window treatments in terms of the rod, fabric and length. Place the curtain rod above the TV and put the curtain in place. Hide the TV by closing the curtains. Consider installing curtain tie backs so the fabric is completely out of the way when in use.

Use a Japanese shoji screen or other hinged type of room divider that's taller than the television. Unfold the screen in front of the television to hide and simply move out of the way when you want to view your favourite program.

Place the TV inside a wall-mounted cabinet specifically designed for housing flat-screens. These units provide an alternative to brackets and securely hold the TV in place while providing doors that you can close for concealing.

Install a retractable canvas piece of artwork over the wall-mounted TV. These pieces of art are designed for the purpose of hiding televisions and operate with a remote control. Choose artwork that matches your style and taste and goes with the other decor in the room.

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