How to Reset a Samsung Tocco

Updated February 21, 2017

Samsung Tocco cellphones have two reset options you can use in the event that they aren't working as they should. The first option is a soft reset, which is rebooting the phone's software. The second option is a hard reset which returns the phone to the factory settings. The hard reset is useful when you have exhausted all other troubleshooting steps and the phone still does not work correctly. Returning the phone to the factory settings deletes any data files that may cause the problems with the phone. Another good time for hard resetting the phone is when you plan to give it to another person and you want to delete all of your personal information.

Press and hold the "End" button, which has a red phone handset symbol on it and is on the front of the Samsung Tocco, to see if the phone turns off. Skip to Step 5 if the phone turns off. Continue to Step 2 if the phone remains frozen.

Slide the battery cover down off the back of the Tocco to get to the battery compartment, and pull the battery out of the compartment.

Reinsert the battery so that the contacts on the side of the battery touch the contacts on the upper side of the Tocco battery compartment.

Place the battery cover over the battery compartment and slide the cover toward the top of the phone until you hear it click in place.

Press and hold the "End" button until the screen turns on to complete the soft reset.

Touch "Menu" on the screen to open the Samsung Tocco main menu.

Tap "Settings," "Reset Settings" and "All." A message will appear on the screen warning you that you are going to delete all of the information on your phone and return it to the factory settings.

Touch "OK" and then "Reset." A prompt will appear asking for your phone password.

Enter "00000000" as the password if you have not already changed the phone password.


Back up any data you want to preserve prior to resetting the Samsung Tocco. Once you reset the phone, you cannot retrieve the information you deleted.

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