How to tie a keffiyeh

Updated February 21, 2017

A keffiyah, also called a shemagh, is a square, lightweight scarf commonly worn in Arab countries. Natives traditionally wear the garment as a headscarf to shade them from the sun and protect them against blowing dust and sand, while others may tie the scarf around the neck as a fashion accessory. You can easily fold and tie a keffiyah in either style to suit your tastes and needs.

Fold the keffiyah in half to make a triangle.

Hold the long edge of the scarf against the front of your neck with the triangle pointing down.

Wrap the two upper corners of the triangle around to the back of your neck; cross them and bring them back to the front.

Tie the two corners in a simple knot at the front of your neck under the triangle.

Fold the keffiyah in half to make a rectangle.

Place the long edge of the scarf to your eyebrows.

Bring the right short edge around to the front so it covers your face from the base of your nose down. Continue wrapping it around to the back of your head and back to the front again. Roll the remaining fabric up and bring it over the top of your head, from right side to left. Hold the end of the fabric with your left hand.

Take the left short edge in your right hand. Tie it together with the right edge in a simple knot. Tuck the knot into the fabric flap brought over your head in the last step. There will be some loose fabric left around the neck.

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