How to Attach a Word Document to Facebook

Written by robert schrader | 13/05/2017

Your Facebook status is the primary means on Facebook to update your friends, family members and other contacts of your activities, whereabouts or other pertinent information. Another way to take advantage of status updates it to attach items to them -- much as you would to an e-mail -- such as links, photos and videos. You can attach a Microsoft Word document you've uploaded to the Internet to your status as well.

Upload your Word document to the Internet if it isn't already hosted online. Use your own Web space or a free solution, such as YouSendIt, MegaUpload or RapidShare. Click the "Browse" button to browse your computer's hard drive for your file and click "Open" to begin the upload. Right-click the link that displays once you finish your upload and click "Copy" to copy your Word document's URL to your computer's clipboard.

Open Facebook and create a new status update that explains the importance of your Word document to your Facebook friends. Click "Link" to make a field into which you paste your link. Right-click within the field and click "Paste" to copy in the link to your Word document.

Attach the document to your post and post it to the Facebook News Feed. Click "Attach," edit the title and description of the document if you don't like the default title and description and click "Post" to post your document and accompanying status update to your Facebook News Feed.

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