How to Connect to Bluetooth on iPads

Updated April 17, 2017

The iPad tablet device comes with built-in Bluetooth connectivity for networking with other wireless accessories and systems. You can use the iPad's Bluetooth connection to attach headphones, physical keyboards, headsets, speakers and phones, or to connect to a computer.

Turn on the Bluetooth device you wish to connect with the iPad and switch it to discovery mode. Discovery mode allows the device to receive and send connection information; the process differs between devices. Consult the literature included with the accessory for instruction specific to that device. Discovery mode often lasts for a moment before automatically shutting off.

Open the "Settings" icon on the iPad and tap "General." Select "Bluetooth" from the list and then tap the switch to turn Bluetooth to the "On" position. The iPad will automatically begin searching for Bluetooth devices in range.

Tap the accessory when it appears in the list of available devices. Enter the device's pairing code when prompted. Many Bluetooth accessories use pairing numbers for connection security, and will not connect without the correct four digit code. The device's packaging or manual will list the code. If the device has no code, leave the box blank. If you cannot find the code, many devices use "0000" as their default code.

Disconnect the Bluetooth device by turning it off, turning off the iPad's Bluetooth card or by tapping the Bluetooth icon on the iPad's home screen. Once paired the accessory will automatically connect when both devices are within range and have Bluetooth activated.


You can stop using the Bluetooth device without disconnecting it by tapping the Bluetooth icon on the system's home screen and selecting another corresponding output device. Use this method to switch between Bluetooth headphones and the internal speakers, or a wireless headset and the iPad's built-in microphone.


Keeping the iPad connected to a Bluetooth device for long periods of time will significantly decrease the battery life. Disconnect any wireless accessories when not in use and turn off the device's Bluetooth settings to minimise battery drain.

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