How to Remove Krylon Fusion Spray Paint

Krylon Fusion is a range of spray paint that is especially manufactured to adhere to plastic. Krylon Fusion can be removed using commercial paint thinners (lacquer thinners). There is no sanding or surface preparation required, as Krylon can be removed from the plastic surface. Krylon also manufactures a metallic and textured shimmer finish in the Fusion range. Krylon paints are quick-drying and are ready to be handled one hour after the last coat was sprayed.

Wipe down the surface with a clean, damp cloth to remove any dirt or build-up.

Apply a liberal amount of paint thinner to the cloth. You can purchase paint thinner from hardware and home supply stores.

Rub the cloth over the painted surface. Apply pressure for best results.

Reapply the paint thinner to the cloth and continue to rub the spray paint until it is completely removed.

Use soapy water and a clean cloth to wash off the paint thinner.


Krylon Fusion can be applied to other surfaces aside from plastic, including wrought iron, wood, metals, hard vinyl, wicker, glass, paper mache, ceramic and plaster. You can remove Krylon Fusion from these surfaces in the same way as described in the steps above.


Use gloves when working with paint thinners as it is an abrasive cleaner. Use paint thinners in well ventilated areas. Paint thinner is highly flammable. Do not expose it to open flame.

Things You'll Need

  • Clean cloths
  • Paint thinner (lacquer thinner)
  • Soapy water
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