How to Change the Name of Your Mobile Uploads Album on Facebook

Updated April 17, 2017

The numerous Facebook apps for mobile phones and the mobile web interface for the site allow users to upload photos from smart phones and other mobile devices. By default, these photos and other images automatically save to a photo album entitled "Mobile Uploads" on the user's profile. Once the photos are on Facebook, the user can add captions and tags, move the files to another album folder on the profile or edit the name of the default "Mobile Uploads" folder.

Log in to your Facebook account. Click your name to access your profile page.

Click the "Photos" tab beneath your profile picture. A list of your photo albums appears in the window.

Click the "Mobile Uploads" album folder. If you have saved over 100 photos, you may have multiple "Mobile Uploads" folders on your profile.

Click the "Edit Album" link at the top of the album. An album editing window pops up within the Facebook window.

Enter a new title in the "Album Name" field. Click "Save."

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