How to Knit a Patchwork Blanket

Updated April 17, 2017

Patchwork blankets use up yarn left over from other knitting projects and make unique and colourful accessories for your home. Patchwork blankets combine various pieces of knitted work sewn together to create one large blanket. Use any knitting technique you'd like, any type of yarn and any size knitting needles to make the pieces. For a uniform look and texture, try using the same size needles and type of yarn.

Cast on 30 stitches with the first skein of yarn. Knit each row of the piece until the skein is gone or until the desired size of the piece is achieved. Bind off, and weave in loose ends.

Repeat Step 1 until you have knit about 20 pieces.

Line up four of the pieces, and sew them together with the yarn needle. To sew pieces together, thread the yarn needle with yarn, and work from side to side of the pieces you are joining, weaving in between stitches along the edge of each piece.

Repeat Step 3 four more times. You will now have five rows of four knit pieces.

Sew the five rows together with the yarn needle to form the blanket. Weave in any loose ends with the yarn needle.


To cast on, place a slip knot on the left needle. Insert the tip of the right needle through the slip knot from the front to the back of the knot. Wrap the yarn around the right needle's tip, and draw a new loop through the slip knot. Place the new loop on the left needle. Repeat this process until you have the desired number of cast on stitches on the left needle. Make knit stitches by following the same procedure as the cast on stitch, except instead of placing the new stitch on the left needle, leave it on the right needle, and pull the stitch you just worked through on the left needle off of the hook. Bind off by knitting two stitches onto the right needle. Use the tip of the left needle to lift the first stitch from the right needle over the second stitch on the right needle and off of the right needle's tip. Knit a new stitch onto the right needle, and repeat this process until one stitch remains on the right needle. Cut the yarn, thread the loose end through a yarn needle and pull the loose end through the remaining stitch on the right needle and off of the needle. Pull tightly to secure the bind off. Weave in loose ends by threading the loose ends through the yarn needle and stitching a few stitches through the wrong side of the work. Clip any excess loose ends.

Things You'll Need

  • Knitting needles
  • Yarn, multiple skeins
  • Yarn needle
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