How to Use an External Microphone With JVC Everio

Updated February 21, 2017

Some of the models in the JVC Everio line of camcorders have the option for an external microphone. This device can improve the quality of sound on the recordings, since an external mic is adjustable and less susceptible to wind noise. It also lets you change different microphones to suit different shooting situations. The higher end Everio models have an external microphone port, while the lower end models do not.

Verify your Everio supports external microphones. Not all Everios have this function. If your Everio does not have an external microphone port, it cannot accept an external mic.

Attach the accessory shoe adaptor that came with the Everio camcorder by sliding back the cover that is over the mounting socket. Position the adaptor shoe over the socket, and turn the dial clockwise to tighten the connection.

Mount the external microphone by sliding it onto the accessory shoe adaptor on the top of the Everio camcorder. Insert the mounting connector on the external microphone by sliding it on from the rear.

Plug the 3.5mm audio connector on the external microphone into the 3.5mm mic port. It is positioned at the back of the camcorder, over the battery.

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