How to Recognize the Signs of a Man's Attraction

Updated April 17, 2017

Dating can be challenging for most, and it can be even harder if you are unsure if the object of your desire shares similar feelings. Determining if a man is attracted to a woman can be hard, if he does not reveal his emotions easily. However, a man who is attracted to a woman will display specific signs such as trying to spend time with her, touch her or speak with her often.

Pay attention to the level of interaction he tries to establish with you. He may try to spend time with you after work or take you to lunch more often. Likewise, he may try to seek opportunities to just be around you for no apparent reason.

Note how often he calls, texts or instant messages. In today's age of social networking, a man who is attracted to you has many opportunities to contact you at any time. A man who contacts you often is likely attracted to you. A man who contacts you throughout the day, rather than late at night or simply on the weekends, is giving you additional attention that he may not give to other people.

Set standards. A man who is into you will meet your standards. If you tell him that you only date men who offer to pay for dates, and he does this, then he's likely attracted to you. Or, if you tell him you like men who are physically active, he may bring his own athleticism to your attention. Giving him the opportunity to meet your expectations will also give you the opportunity to tell if he really likes you.

Pay attention to the way he interacts with you. If he is aloof and distracted in your presence, he may not be into you. However, a man who looks into your eyes when he speaks and tries to entertain or engage your mentally may be attracted to you.

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