How to make an anti-scratch collar for cats

Updated November 21, 2016

An anti-scratch collar, or Elizabethan collar, fits around a cat's neck like any other collar. The difference is that these collars have a cone attached so that when they are placed onto a cat, the cat appears to be wearing an inverted lamp shade around its neck. These collars are used in emergency situations to prevent cats from licking or chewing on wounds, or after medical procedures to prevent further injury of wounds. If an emergency arises and an anti-scratch collar is needed immediately, you can make one out of items found around the house.

Measure the length of your cat's actual collar and make a note of the measurement.

Draw a semicircle (half circle) the same length as the measurement you recorded onto a piece of poster board. Position the semicircle near the bottom middle of the poster board, with the arch of the circle pointed up.

Divide the length of the cat's collar (the measurement you recorded in Step 1) in half. Record this measurement.

Multiply the length of the cat's collar by 3 and record this measurement.

Draw another semicircle on the poster board between the first one and the top of the poster board. This semicircle should be as long as the measurement you recorded in Step 4. Use the measurement you recorded in Step 3 as a guide for how far apart the semicircles should be.

Draw straight lines to connect the ends of the semicircles, then cut the shape out of the poster board.

Cut 5-6 vertical slits into the poster board cutout along the edge of the first semicircle you drew. Punch 5-6 holes along both of the vertical sides of the cutout.

Weave your cat's collar through the slits on the bottom of the cutout.

Place the collar onto your cat, fastening the hook on the cat's regular collar.

Use ribbon, a shoestring or other string to lace together the holes punched into the sides.


Another alternative for making an anti-scratch collar is to use a paper plate. Cut a circle large enough for your cat to slip its head through, then slip the plate over your cat's head. Regardless of which type of homemade anti-scratch collar you choose to use, this is only meant as a temporary solution. Replace the collar with a store-bought collar from a pet supply store or from your veterinarian.

Things You'll Need

  • Cat collar
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Poster board
  • Scissors
  • String
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