How to Write a Resume & Cover Letter for a Job as a Teacher's Assistant

Updated November 22, 2016

Teacher's assistants supervise children during meals and recess; work with individual children or groups of children while the teacher works with other groups; and teach lessons if the teacher is out of the classroom. Teacher's assistants may also drive school buses. Apply for a teacher assistant position by sending or faxing your resume and cover letter to the school district you're interested in working for. Advertisements typically direct you as to how to submit your resume and cover letter.

Read the job ad carefully and make a list of all the skills the job ad addresses. For example, if the ad says that the district is looking for someone who can supervise children during mealtimes or on the playground, list these exact skills on a piece of paper.

Choose jobs from your work history that reflect the skills that the ad is looking for. List these jobs in chronological order on your resume. Underneath each job, list three specific skills you used on the job that mirror the skills that the job ad references. For example, if you worked at a day care centre, list underneath it that you supervised children during snack time. Include volunteer experiences, as well as for-pay experiences.

List your educational credits at the top of your resume. Underneath your work history, list general skills that relate to the job you're applying for, such as having rapport with children, teachers and administrators.

Address a specific person in your cover letter if possible. If the ad doesn't list a contact person, search online for the school you're applying to. You can usually find the principal's name on the school's website. Address your cover letter to the principal.

Open your cover letter by mentioning that you're excited about the job opportunity. Indicate that you have some of the exact skills the district is looking for. Use the same wording as the ad when you mention the skills.

Write a brief paragraph summarising your skills and work experience. Two or three sentences are sufficient for this purpose.

Thank the reader for her time and sign the letter. Send or fax the letter and resume per the directions in the ad.


Spell-check your resume and cover letter before sending them. A perfectly typed letter adds to your professionalism and credibility. Use the same paper and font for both documents.


Don't overexplain your skills or experience in your cover letter --- that's what your resume is for. Keep your letter brief --- under one page --- as recruiters are too busy to read long letters.

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