How to Adjust the Contrast on a Sony eReader Touch

Updated February 21, 2017

Sony introduced its first touch-screen eReader, the Sony Reader Touch Edition, in October 2009. PC World magazine listed it in its "Top 5 eBook Readers." Sony has since released an another version of its touch-screen e-book reader, the PRS-650. With the PRS-650, you can adjust and customise the screen's contrast and brightness levels.

Push the "Options" button and tap "Adjust View."

Tap "Saturated" to adjust the contrast. You can adjust other screen options such as the brightness. Or tap "Custom" to customise the contrast and brightness of the screen. In the custom mode, use your finger to drag the slider or tap the arrow buttons.

Tap "X." This applies your changes and exits the options screen.


Return to the options screen and tap "Original" to return the screen to the default settings.

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