How to Make Arrows in Gimp

You can use GIMP, a free graphic design program, to make digital arrows. You can use the Paintbrush tool to freehand an arrow, but you can also use GIMP's "Create" presets to produce a standard arrow, customising its size and colouring. Whether you want to display arrows for a utilitarian purpose, such as on a Web page, or a decorative purpose, to be used in a project like scrapbooking, you can use GIMP to design them.

Launch GIMP. Click "File." From the drop-down box, click on "Create" and use the over-arrow to see the options under "Web Page Themes."

Select either "Alien Glow" or "Beveled Pattern," and then select "Arrow." The alien glow option will result in a black-to-grey arrow in front of the glow colour and background colour of your choice. The bevelled pattern tool lets you choose a design from 50-plus presets, and the resulting arrow will be a bevelled-edge version of the chosen pattern.

Input the desired size and orientation for your arrow into the "Script-Fu" pop-up box. If you selected the Alien Glow arrow, choose a glow colour and background colour. If you selected the bevelled pattern option, click on "Browse" to view the preset designs, clicking on one and then "Close." Press "OK." Your customised arrow will appear.

Save your arrow by clicking "File" and "Save As." Name your image and use a picture file extension such as ".PNG" or ".JPG" Press "Save" to complete the function. You can now use the file by itself when coding your website, or you can insert the file as a layer when working on another digital project.


If you want other web page elements that coordinate with your arrow, you can also use the other features listed under "Alien Glow" and "Beveled Pattern," such as "Bullet" and "Button."


The bevelled arrow is most recognisable when using a light preset design. Choosing a dark pattern can result in a bevelled edge that blends in with the background.

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