How to make a prom queen sash

Updated February 21, 2017

If you are part of your secondary school's prom planning committee or preparing to dress up as a prom or carnival queen, you will need a sash. The benefit of making your own sash versus buying one at a fancy dress shop is that you can customise it to match your school colours or complement your dress. You can also add the wording that you want. A simple sash is easy to make and can be used by kids or adults for proms, fancy dress parties and even beauty pageants.

Lie the satin fabric flat on your work surface. You'll need 75 cm (3/4 yard) of 1.5 metre (60 inch) wide shiny satin material in the colour of your choice.

Fold the fabric into thirds, with the edges of the material overlapping each other at the back. The middle third of the fabric will be the front of the sash.

Secure the edges of the fabric together in the back of the sash, using double-sided tape. You will need to stick the tape along the entire length of one edge of the fabric. Then, place the second edge over the first one to create a smooth line. Alternately, you can use fabric glue to secure the overlapping material.

Take the top of your sash, and fold it over to meet the bottom of the sash. One half will go over the front of your outfit and the other half will go over your shoulder and face the back.

Decide what you want to write on the sash. Use a pencil to draw the wording on the front side of the sash, or use letter stencils to trace the wording onto the sash.

Paint over the pencilled letters or stencils using paint and a paint brush, or a fabric paint pen. Special fabric paints from a fabric store work best; another option is to use self-adhesive letters -- made of a glittery or shiny material -- that you can stick to the fabric. These letters can be found in craft shops. Allow the fabric paint to dry overnight before proceeding.

Sew one open end of the sash to the other end. This will form a circle with the sash. Slip the sash over your head with the fold lying over your shoulder. To keep the sash from slipping, use safety pins to secure it to your clothing, if necessary.

Things You'll Need

  • 1.5 metre (60 inch) satin
  • Double-sided tape
  • Pencil
  • Letter stencils
  • Fabric paint and paint brush or fabric pen
  • Adhesive letters or numbers
  • Needle and thread
  • Fabric glue
  • Safety pins
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