How to Remove a Memory Card From a Nokia N95 8GB

Updated July 20, 2017

Certain cellphones use Subscriber Identification Module (SIM) cards. The Nokia N95 8GB does not have a traditional memory card slot, the SIM card can act as a flash memory card. In addition to storing information about the subscriber, the SIM card stores phone numbers, addresses and other information that can be transferred to another phone by moving the card. Removing the SIM card from your Nokia N95 phone is straightforward; you only need about a minute and moderately nimble fingers to accomplish the task.

Flip over your phone to face the side with the camera lens. Press the latch release button.

Remove the panel when it pops out.

Remove the battery. You should be able to easily leverage it out of place.

Open the latch securing the SIM card.

Remove the card in the same manner that you removed the battery.

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