How to Create a Glossary in Word 2007

Updated February 21, 2017

Word 2007 allows you to create a glossary for terms you've used within a report, book, thesis or other document. There's no need to retype the definitions or create the glossary from scratch. With Word's bookmarking tools, quickly mark definitions throughout your document. The glossary is often placed at the end of the document, but allows you to hyperlink to the definitions from any point. Word also includes a sort tool, which helps you arrange the glossary quickly.

Open the Word 2007 document where you want to input the glossary.

Highlight a definition you want to define in your glossary.

Select the "Insert" tab and click "Bookmark" from the "Links" group. The Bookmark dialogue box opens. Type a name -- without spaces -- into the "Bookmark Name" text field. Click "Add."

Repeat steps two and three to create additional bookmarks for definitions within your document.

Place the insertion point on the page the glossary will go and type each word you want to define.

Highlight the first word and select the "Insert" tab. Click "Hyperlink" from the "Links" group. The "Insert Hyperlink" dialogue box opens.

Select "Place in This Document" under "Link To." Choose the corresponding bookmark for the highlighted text under "Bookmarks." Click "OK."

Repeat Steps 6 and 7 to create hyperlinks for additional words in the glossary.

Highlight the list of words in the glossary and select the "Home" tab. Click the "Sort" button in the "Paragraph" group to sort the list. The "Sort Text" dialogue box opens.

Select "Paragraphs" from the "Sort By" drop-down list. Choose "Text" under "Type." Choose "Ascending" and press "OK." The glossary is sorted alphabetically in ascending order.

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