How Do You Clean a Vaseline Stain From Polyester?

Distinguished for its skin firming and moisturising benefits, vaseline is a prevalent brand of skin care products formulated specifically to protect skin from drying elements. Accidentally smearing vaseline onto synthetic fabric, however, creates an unsightly mess. Vaseline contains paraffin, mineral oils and microcrystalline waxes that form oily blemishes on polyester. Although polyester is durable, it attracts oil stains. Vaseline becomes harder to clean from polyester over time, so rapid treatment of affected fabric is vital. Clean a vaseline stain from polyester using basic supplies.

Scrape any excess vaseline off the polyester using a spoon. Remove as much vaseline as possible.

Spray a petroleum-based solvent prewash stain treatment onto the vaseline stain. Saturate the stained polyester completely. Let the prewash treatment permeate the vaseline stain for 30 minutes.

Launder the polyester fabric without rinsing out the prewash treatment. Wash the polyester in hot water with 56.7gr. of washing powder, regarding the instructions outlined on care label attached to the garment.

Examine the polyester fabric for lingering vaseline. If some vaseline remains in the polyester, repeat the procedure.

Lay the wet polyester garment flat to dry.


Substitute plain liquid washing powder for petroleum-based solvent prewash stain treatment.


Spot-test the petroleum-based solvent prewash stain treatment on the polyester to prevent discolouration.

Things You'll Need

  • Spoon
  • Petroleum-based solvent prewash stain treatment
  • Wash machine
  • 56.7gr. washing powder
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