How to Print in Scribd Book Mode

Updated July 20, 2017

Scribd is a website that allows users to share documents across the Internet. Books, essays, PowerPoint presentations and magazines can be made available for download for other users. Readers can display files in one of three ways. One such display method is “Book Mode,” which shows pages side-by-side in two-page layouts. Users can print documents that are displayed in this mode in standard or high quality.

Click “Print” on the top menu bar. A “Print this Document” window will appear.

Click “Download and Print” under the “High Quality” subheading. The document will download as a PDF file. Depending on your browser settings, the PDF file will either open in an installed PDF reader or it will save to the hard disk. If it is saved to the hard disk, double-click the file icon to open it in a PDF reader. For those who do not have a PDF reader installed, Adobe Reader X and Foxit Reader are two free PDF readers that are available on their respective websites.

Click the “Print” button in your PDF reader at the top of the menu bar. The “Print” screen will appear. You can set any preferred options in this screen, such as the number of copies that you wish to print and the page range to be printed.

Click “OK” to confirm the print job and close the “Print” screen.

Click the “Print” button on the top menu bar of the Scribd document. A “Print this Document” prompt window will appear.

Select the range of pages to be printed by typing in the starting and ending page numbers in the two boxes under “Select page range below.”

Click “Print” under the “Standard Quality” subheading. A “Print” screen will appear.

Click the “OK” button to print the document and close the “Print” screen.

Things You'll Need

  • PDF reader software (for high-quality printing)
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