How to change a 4-year-old girl's diaper

Updated March 23, 2017

Changing diapers is a very important step towards keeping your child healthy and hygienic. If you notice the diapers have filled up, change them immediately to avoid your baby's skin getting red and full of rashes. Changing diapers on a 4-year-old girl is a straightforward process using the same method as changing diapers on any other age group of children.

Lay your child on her back. Unfasten the dirty diaper but keep it on and use the front to wipe of any poop from the child's bottom.

Lift your child slightly off the table by her ankles and wipe using cloth or disposable wipes. Wipe from the front to the back and also clean between skin folds to avoid spreading bacteria.

Open a clean diaper. Slide out the dirty diaper and place the clean one under the child with the taped end underneath.

Apply cream or powder to your child to prevent rashes.

Pull the front of the diaper over your child's stomach and hold it there with one hand while you secure the side straps to the front. Check that the diaper is not too tight by sliding two finger's between the baby's stomach and the diaper.

Lay a cloth diaper down on a table lengthwise. Fold the front to the required length for your child.

Fold both sides of the diaper to the middle to create a triangle shape. Lay the diaper in a wrap-style (as an upside down pyramid). Pull the front end of the diaper (the pyramid's top) up between the child's legs. Pin the diaper's sides to the front end using safety pins.

Create a looser cloth diaper by placing your child on a diaper with its short side at her waist.

Turn the base of the diaper over 180 degrees and pull it up between her legs. Pin the diaper's base to the diaper's sides near her hip using safety pins.


Change diapers every two to three hours or immediately after it is soiled.

Things You'll Need

  • Diapers
  • Wipes
  • Safety pins
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