How to Reuse VHS Tapes That Have Recoding on Them

Written by maya austen | 13/05/2017
How to Reuse VHS Tapes That Have Recoding on Them
You can record over VHS videos you no longer want. (Comstock/Comstock/Getty Images)

Reusing a VHS tape that has something recorded on it is no big deal. As long as the record safety on the cassette is covered with the safety tab or Sellotape, you can record over the tape. Removing the safety tab from the cassette protects the tape from being erased or recorded over. To record something else on the tape, cover the safety tab hole to neutralise the protection.

Look for the safety tab on the left front of the VHS cassette. If the tab is missing, cover the square hole where the tab was with Sellotape.

Turn on the TV and VCR. Insert the cassette into the VCR. If the safety tab or tape is unsecure, the video will start playing. If this happens, eject the cassette and cover the safety hole again with Sellotape. If the safety tab or tape is secure, the VHS tape should not automatically start.

Set the VCR tape to the spot where you want to record new material. If you plan to record over the entire tape, rewind it completely.

Select your preferred recording speed. The speeds, from fastest to slowest, are SP, LP and SLP. Faster speeds result in higher-quality videos; however, they also use up more tape.

Tune the TV or cable box to the channel showing the program you want to record.

Press "Record" on the VCR. The program will be recorded over everything previously recorded on the VHS tape from the point where you set the tape.

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