How to Find Old "Newsweek" Articles

Updated March 23, 2017

In print since February 1933, "Newsweek" contains articles on a wide variety of topics, including science, business, politics and entertainment. For those seeking older articles, the magazine offers limited online archives of its content. If the article being searched for was published within the last 12 months, it may be found on the magazine's website. Otherwise, finding older articles may require ordering back issues or visiting a library.

Determine the specific issue or article you are looking for. If a specific article title or date is not known, write down a list of relevant keywords to help you find the material.

Visit the magazine's website ( Locate the search bar found directly beneath the "Newsweek" logo on the right side of the screen. Type in the keywords or article title and click the magnifying glass search icon. Examine the results in order to determine if the article you're seeking has been found.

Order back issues -- from 1982 onwards -- by visiting the online Newsweek store ( or by calling Newsweek Customer Service at 800-631-1040. Purchases can be made online, over the phone or by mailing a check or money order to Newsweek Single Copies, PO Box 5571, Harlan, Iowa 51593. As of April 2011, single issues cost £5.80 and double issues cost £6.50 for delivery in the United States.

Find older issues for free at a public library. More current copies of "Newsweek" may be displayed in the periodicals section while older copies may be available in an archived format.


If you know that the date of publication was within the last 12 months, visit the website. When searching, filter and sort the results by date.

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