How to Make an Iceman Costume

Create your own costume based on the Marvel X-Men comic book character Robert "Iceman" Drake. Iceman's nickname and colouration (blue) come from his mutation that gives him to ability to turn moisture into ice, according to the Marvel website. Wear the Iceman costume after you make it on Halloween or to a comic book or fantasy convention. Because it follows the look of the comic book character and not the live-action movie character, all X-Men fans can identify who are you are without asking.

Apply superglue to the back of the rhinestones. Press the rhinestones onto the belt buckle and cover the front completely. Let the rhinestones dry for between seven and 10 minutes before continuing. If you do not wish to use individual rhinestones, look for stick-on sheets.

Put on the trousers or unitard. Measure a piece of blue fabric to go around the waist. Cut the fabric to the proper length by 3 inches wide. Apply superglue to the underside of one edge of the belt buckle. Press one end of the fabric strip into the superglue. Hold it in place for 15 seconds.

Put on the costume. Tie the other end of the belt around the loop on the belt buckle.

Dip the make-up sponge into blue paint. Paint your face blue. Spray your hair with the blue hair colouring spray.

Things You'll Need

  • Blue shiny Spandex shirt and trousers or unitard
  • Metal square belt buckle
  • Light blue rhinestone
  • Superglue
  • Shiny blue material
  • Scissors
  • Light blue face paint
  • Make-up sponge
  • Blue hair colouring spray


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