How to Set Off a Volvo Car Alarm

Updated March 23, 2017

The Volvo security system monitors several points on the vehicle to sound an alarm when any one of the security breeches occur. Volvo owners can set their vehicle's alarm system to react to tampering by activating the alarm with the switch on a separate signal device. The signal device uses a radio transmission that fluctuates to prevent cloning of the signal. To set off the alarm, press the panic button on the signalling device or mimic tampering at any one of the monitored points.

Set the alarm by pressing the "lock" icon on the Volvo's signalling device. Press the red panic button on the device to set off the vehicle's alarm system.

Attempt to open the bonnet or boot once the alarm is set to sound the security system alarm.

Disconnect the battery. If the hood is already raised or did not trigger the Volvo's alarm, disconnecting the battery while the alarm is set will trigger the alarm.

Open the door after setting the Volvo's alarm. Attempting to enter the vehicle is a point of concern and is constantly monitored by the vehicle security system while the alarm is set.

Tamper with the ignition. Attempting to start the Volvo or dismantle the ignition will cause the alarm to sound.

Lift the Volvo at the rear or front bumper. A Volvo equipped with the inclination sensor will detect the tilting of the vehicle and sound the alarm once it is set.

Things You'll Need

  • Volvo alarm signal device
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