How to Install a Battery in a M205 Logitech Wireless Mouse

Written by amanda rumble | 13/05/2017

The Logitech wireless mouse M205 is a plug-and-play input device that travels with you anywhere you need to go, which is especially useful for laptops. It is compact and easy to use with no additional software needed for basic functionality. It has a battery indicator directly beneath the scroll wheel which glows green when your battery life is good and turns to red when you need to replace the battery.

Slide your USB receiver out of its storage slot on the underside of the mouse.

Press the battery icon button to release the battery cover.

Lift the lower portion of the mouse cover with the Logitech logo up to expose the battery slot.

Insert a "AA" battery into the battery slot, taking note of which side is positive and which is negative to ensure proper functionality.

Replace the lower cover on the mouse and snap it back into place.

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