How to Face Paint a Horse

Updated November 21, 2016

Face-painting is a popular attraction at fairs and carnivals, especially for kids. Horse faces are not as frequently requested as cats, dogs and butterflies, but occasionally a young horse lover does ask to be painted like a horse, so the face-painter should be ready. Painting someone's face to look like a horse does not have to be a daunting task. With the right tools and techniques, you can create a horse face using face paint.

Load a face-painting sponge with white water-based face paint by dipping the edge of the sponge in water and then making round circular motions in the white paint with the slightly moistened sponge. Once the sponge is loaded, paint an upside-down triangle on the forehead of the person you are painting. The point of the triangle should go down between the eyebrows, with the triangle's base going along the hairline.

Slide the white-loaded sponge down the nose of the subject. The point of the triangle will merge into the line that you paint down the nose so that there is no longer a point. Fill in the muzzle area of the face around the mouth. The muzzle area follows the subject's laugh lines, going out from the nose, around the corners of the mouth and down to the bottom of the chin. Now the subject's face has a white line down the middle of the face, expanding outward into the forehead and mouth area -- creating a sort of hourglass shape.

Load another face-painting sponge with brown paint. Paint everywhere on the face that is not painted white.

Load a fan brush with light-brown face paint by first dipping the brush in water, then rubbing the brush in the paint. Put the edge of the fan brush on the hairline and swoop the stroke toward the centre of the face about an inch in, lifting as you end the stroke. Do this all along the hairline, and coming up from the jawline and chin.

Paint two nostrils, one on each side of the white-painted muzzle, using pink face paint. The nostrils should be situated between the subject's lip and nose, and should be shaped like upside-down commas. Use a small round brush.

Load the small round brush with black face paint. Outline the edges of the white stripe down the middle of the face and muzzle. Outline the pink nostrils in black as well.

Paint two teardrop strokes coming out from both corners of each eye, still using the small round brush. Make your teardrop stroke by putting the tip of the brush to the corner of the eye, then sliding upward, or downward, and pressing as you slide until the brush is completely pressing against the face. This will make a teardrop shape.

Things You'll Need

  • Brown, light brown, white, pink and black water-based face paints
  • Face-painting sponges
  • Water
  • Fan brush
  • Small round brush
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