How to tell the date your pictures were taken on an iPhone

Updated March 23, 2017

Although the dates aren't visible in your iPhone's photo library, the iPhone records the date and time that each photo is taken. This feature is nice if you take a large amount of photos and want an easy way to categorise and archive your photo library to locate photos based on the day or year you took them. To access the dates, you first need to upload the photos to your computer.

Plug your iPhone into your computer using the USB cord that came with your phone. The iPhone must be turned on, or the computer won't recognise the connection.

Copy the photos to your computer's hard drive by selecting the "import photos" option from the display window that appears on your screen. Before the photos are uploaded, you can select where to save the photos and whether or not to delete the photos from your iPhone once the upload is complete.

Alternatively, you can choose to view the photo files in a temporary folder and select which ones you want to save individually.

Right-click over the image, and select "Properties" from the drop-down menu. This brings up all the image details associated with the selected photo.

Click on the "Details" tab of the image properties window to see the date your photo was taken.


Another way to view the date each picture was taken is to change your viewing settings in the picture folder to "Detail." This shows you the file name, date taken and picture size for every photo in the folder. Options on how to view the files within each folder are available in the top menu of the open folder.

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