How to Return Something to Amazon

Updated April 17, 2017

Many people use Amazon every day to buy all kinds of products, from books to computer games and home electronics. One of the many advantages of Amazon over other online retailers is its straightforward returns policy. You can return most items sold and fulfilled by Amazon within 30 days of delivery, provided they are new and unopened.

Go to the home page. Click on the "Help" button on the top right corner, next to "Your Account." Click on "Returns and Refunds."

Scroll down to "How do I return an item shipped by" and click on "Online Returns Center." You will be able to print your return label from here.

Choose between the "Return items" or "Return a gift" buttons depending on what kind of item you want to return. Amazon will only refund gifts as an Amazon Gift voucher.

Fill in the contact information and the gift's order number in the form if you are returning a gift. You can find that information on the packing slip that arrived with your gift. If you are returning a product you bought yourself the system will prompt you to log into your Amazon account and select the item you want to return from the recent orders list. Explain why you are returning your product.

Print the return label and the return mailing authorisation form. The return label may include prepaid postage if the return is due to a problem with the product.

Wrap the returned item carefully in its original packaging, and place it in a shipping box or the box the product was delivered in along with the return mailing authorisation form. Seal the box.

Write your contact information on the box and stick the printed label on the box. If you are using the original shipping box, make sure your label covers all the original Amazon label.

Go to your local post office or UPS depot and send the package back to Amazon. If you are returning an item because you changed your mind you will have to pay the shipping costs. Insure the item if it is valuable. It is advisable to obtain proof of posting if possible.


It will take 10 to 15 business days for your refund to be processed.

Things You'll Need

  • Shipping box
  • Printer
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