How to Improve uTorrent Share Ratio

Updated April 17, 2017

Whether attempting to be polite or needing to fulfil sharing obligations to various websites, keeping your sharing ratio at 1-to-1 or higher when using BitTorrent clients can be very important. It is considered bad form to do less than this and many sites will bar access to those that do not share. If using uTorrent as a client, there are quite a few options available to you to keep this ratio healthy.

Open your uTorrent program. Determine your share ratio -- called the "seeding ratio" in uTorrent -- by looking at the bottom of the screen where there are three numbers. The third number, farthest right of the three, is your seeding ratio.

Click the number for your seeding ratio. This will drop down a menu that says "Seed Forever" at the top, below which there are numbered menu options from "0.25" to "3.00." Selecting one of these will tell uTorrent to stop sharing, or "seeding," files once it reaches the ratio you select. Click the desired ratio. If you are trying to improve your ratio, you must set this option to a ratio equal to or greater than that which you currently have.

Click the number to the left of your seeding ratio. This is your upload speed. Set this at "Unlimited" or "Automatic."

Open uTorrent.

Click the uTorrent option in the menu bar at the top of the screen. Select "Preferences" from the menu.

Click the "Bandwidth" option in the preferences window. Find the "Upload Limits" section. If you feel you have been seeding at low rates, uncheck all options in this section.

Find the "Seeding" section. Set the number next to the "Stop seeding at up/down ratio:" at the desired ratio. If you want it to be higher, uncheck the box to set uTorrent to seed forever.

Click the "BitTorrent" button at the top of the window. Find the "Connections" section and raise the numbers in the two boxes. Find the "Queues" section and change the "Active transfers limit" to a higher number.

Open uTorrent.

Click "Options" on the menu at the top and click "Preferences" in the drop down menu.

Click the "Bandwidth" option on the left. Find the "Maximum upload rate" box and set it to zero. Find the "Number of upload slots per torrent" option and set it to a higher number. Make sure the box beneath it that starts "Use additional upload..." is checked.

Click the "Transfer Cap" option to the left. Make sure that the "Enable Transfer Cap" box is unchecked.

Click the "Queuing" option on the left. Under "Queue Settings," set the maximum number of active torrents to a higher number. Under "Seeding Goal," set the minimum ratio to your desired sharing ratio.


Downloading less and posting your own content on torrent sites can also help your sharing ratio improve.


If you have put all your settings to promote seeding correctly and you are not seeing any uploading occurring, you probably have an issue with your outgoing data flow. This will require you to change your settings with your firewall, router or ports, which is beyond the scope of this article, but is easily researched online.

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