How to See a Facebook Profile Without an Account

Written by shawn farner | 13/05/2017

At one time, Facebook was completely closed off to the world, and the only way to view any profile information was to sign up for the service and send another user a friend request. Times have changed, and Facebook has increased the amount of transparency the service offers. The site offers a search for non-members who want to find people and look at profiles but, unfortunately, the search limits results to three people. If you want to find someone's Facebook profile without having to open an account, you can do so using a search engine workaround.

Open your Web browser and visit the Google website at

Type this line into the search box: "First Last"

Replace "First" with the first name of the user you're looking for and "Last" with the last name of the user. Search results will show up automatically if you have Google Instant enabled. If not, click the "Google Search" button.

Click on one of the first few results, which are usually Facebook Profile pages. You might have to check out a few to find the right person. When viewing a Profile page, you will see all of the information the user has made public in their profile without having to create a Facebook account.


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