How to Clean the Filter on a Nelson 6000 Sprinkler

Updated February 21, 2017

The Nelson 6000 sprinkler is a premium pop-up sprinkler head with a rotating feature. Water pressure forces a series of small gears inside the sprinkler to rotate the head up to 360 degrees, distributing water evenly across your lawn. Like any sprinkler, the Nelson 6000 can get clogged from time to time with dirt or other debris that enters through the water supply. Fortunately, the Nelson 6000 is easy to clean using a few simple steps.

Locate the sprinkler head that appears to be clogged. Irregular water patterns or reduced water pressure are symptoms of clogged sprinklers.

Remove the retaining cap around the top of the sprinkler by turning the cap counterclockwise until it releases from the sprinkler body.

Pull the cap and the pop-up assembly out of the sprinkler body.

Pull out the small ring that contains a metal mesh from inside the pop-up assembly. This is the filter.

Gently scrub both sides of the metal surface of the filter with a nylon brush to remove dirt and other debris.

Run the filter under water for 30 seconds to clear away debris.

Place the filter back inside the pop-up assembly.

Place the pop-up assembly back into the sprinkler body and tighten the retaining cap by turning it clockwise until tight.

Things You'll Need

  • Nelson 6000 sprinkler
  • Nylon brush
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