How to Clean the Printhead on a Kodak ESP 3

Updated February 21, 2017

Kodak used a printhead set-up that is separate from the ESP 3's two cartridges, meaning when you install new cartridges then you are not installing a new printhead. The printhead sits below the cartridges in a position closer to the paper onto which the printhead sprays the ink droplets. The printhead on the ESP 3 will develop clogs from dried ink, which will affect the printer's performance. Running the printer's cleaning utility restores the print quality, but you might need to run the utility more than once.

Turn on the ESP 3 and wait for the printer to fall silent, indicating it has completed its initialisation procedures. Put fresh paper, if not already present, in the printer's input tray and adjust the paper guides to the size of the paper.

Hold down the "Copy" and "Cancel" buttons on the printer's control panel. Wait as the printer's power light flashes, indicating the printhead cleaning is ongoing.

Hold down the "Scan" and "Cancel" buttons on the printer's control panel to align the printhead. Retrieve the alignment page from the output tray and inspect it for any breaks in the printout's lines.

Run the printhead cleaning again if you see any breaks in the lines on the printouts.

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