How to Copy & Paste in Filezilla

Written by marie cartwright | 13/05/2017
How to Copy & Paste in Filezilla
FTP is used to quickly and effectively manage remotely hosted files. (Dynamic Graphics/Dynamic Graphics Group/Getty Images)

Many Web designers and programmers use the open-source FTP client Filezilla to manage their websites' files. Although Filezilla does not support copy and pasting files directly within the client itself, a quick way exists to get around this. By creating a copy of the file on your computer, you can put copies in as many of your website's directories as you need to.

Log in to your remote site. Expand the directories to reveal the file you wish to copy.

Click on the file. Drag it over to the "Desktop" directory on your local site (your computer). A copy of the file will appear on your desktop.

Click and drag the file from your desktop into another folder on your remote site. Do not drag it into the same folder as the original file. This will cause Filezilla to ask you if you would like to overwrite the original.

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