How to Make a Dog's Feet Smell Better

Updated February 21, 2017

While you might sometimes have a bout of stinky feet, your canine can also suffer from this and more frequently since they don't have shoes to protect their paws from dirt and grime. If your pooch seems to have stinky feet often or even if you just notice those smelly paws every now and then there are a few steps you can do at home to get rid of stinky dog feet.

Use short-nosed trimming shears to trim the hair around your dog's paws. Stick with just clipping the hair off that grows beyond the paws and the paw pads. Do not try to clip the hair in between paw pads.

Use nail clippers made specifically for dogs to trim your dog's nails. Have a friend help hold your dog still as you grasp his paw firmly in one hand and clip his nail with your dominant hand.

Wet your dog's feet with lukewarm water in your bathtub. Drain the water. Pour some white vinegar over your dogs paws thoroughly wetting them with vinegar and let them stand in the tub for five minutes.

Rinse paws and wash your dog all over with scented dog shampoo. Rinse his fur thoroughly afterward with water. Let your dog air dry or dry him with a low-heat blow dryer if he'll allow.


If your dog has white nails clip about three millimetres from the pink area at the base of his nails. For dark nails cut a millimetre at a time, after each small clip examine the tip of the nail, when you notice a pink circle start to form in the centre of the freshly cut nail stop cutting. If you have trepidation about clipping your dog's nails or if your dog gets too nervous and cannot be contained head to a local dog groomer who can do it and even give you tips on how to make home clipping easier. To prevent smells from returning keep your dog's paws groomed by trimming hair and nails when they begin to grow long again. Also wash your dog's feet with vinegar and water whenever you notice dirt or mud they've dragged in on paws. Wash paws with vinegar once a week if your dog tends to get stinky feet often. Don't wash the rest of their fur this often or with scented shampoo, as this can strip your dog's fur of oils it needs to stay healthy.

Things You'll Need

  • Short-nosed trimming shears
  • Dog nail clippers
  • White vinegar
  • Scented dog shampoo
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