How to Locate Soldier Pen Pals for Marines

Written by faizah imani | 13/05/2017
How to Locate Soldier Pen Pals for Marines
Boost the morale of a Marine by becoming a pen pal. (George Marks/Retrofile/Getty Images)

When you choose to become pen pals with a Marine, or other military soldier, you are taking a hands-on approach to supporting our troops. There are many Marines who need a morale boost, especially after being on the battlefield and being separated from family and friends. An encouraging word from "back home" let's him know he is appreciated.

Visit the "Marine Pen Pals" section of the Jolly Roger website. Click the "Search for Pen Pals" link. Select the age, gender and country of the Marine. Click "Search" to obtain a list of soldier names, along with ages and e-mail addresses.

Visit the PenPals Military website. Sign up for a free membership account. Click "Search PenPals." Select the age, gender and country of your pen pal. You also can select the option to view only pen pals who have photos posted. Click "Go." You will see a list of pen pals that meet your search criteria. To begin communication, click the "Contact" button.

Sign up for an account on websites, such as Military Cupid or Military Singles Connection, if you want to make a love connection with a Marine pen pal. These dating websites are free to join and browse for pen pals. However, to actually communicate, you must upgrade your account to a paid membership.

Find a pen pal through the Any Marine website. Click the "What to Send" link. You will see a list of Marines who are looking for pen pals. Click the Marine's name to obtain a mailing address. You can send letters to the mailing address as well as other items the Marine placed on a wish list.

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