How to Improve AVI Video Sound Quality

Updated July 19, 2017

If users want to improve sound quality for a digital video, they will need to modify the file so that it has a higher volume and audio bitrate. When these settings are increased, the media's audio track becomes louder and streams with higher fidelity. In order to improve sound quality for an AVI file, users should take advantage of a video conversion program. While these applications may be specialised for reformatting files, they can also be used to encode a digital video in its native format but with different settings. MPEG Streamclip, iWisoft Free Video Converter and Aura Video Converter are three examples of freeware that can perform this type of task. Although the programs are distributed by different software developers, they all function similarly.

Launch a video conversion program. Select the "Add" command and search for the AVI input file in the file selection window. Select the item and click the "Open" button to load the video into the program.

Program the output format for the AVI input file. Choose the "AVI" option to encode the video in its original format.

Select the "Advanced Settings" (or "Properties") option to customise the encoding parameters. Go to the "Audio Bitrate" section and increase the level to your preference. Go to the "Volume" field and raise the level accordingly. Click "OK" to apply the settings.

Select the "Convert" command to encode the AVI output file with improved sound quality. A confirmation message will display when the media has been successfully generated. The video will either be stored in the same location as the AVI input file or be exported to a different file directory.


MPEG Streamclip is circulated in Mac and PC versions, while iWisoft Free Video Converter and Aura Video Converter are only compatible with Windows.

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