How to write birthday card to a four-year-old

Updated February 21, 2017

Birthdays are a time for cards and gifts. When it comes to selecting a card for a child's fourth birthday, look for one that has stimulating graphics and images on it -- perhaps one that even plays a song. Young kids are excited by colours, cartoons, characters and silly sounds. Write a birthday message to the 4-year-old, too, but anticipate that he may need to have the card read to him.

Start the card off with the greeting "Dear," followed by the birthday child's name. This gives the card a personalised touch and lets the 4-year-old know that the card is just for him. It is an effective way to make the child feel special.

Write "Happy Birthday" in giant letters that stand out in the card. Draw attention to the words by writing the letters in different colours, underlining them or drawing squiggly lines all around. If the card already has "Happy Birthday" written inside of it, do some embellishing by highlighting the letters or accenting them with squiggles and circles.

Tell the birthday child that you wish him a great year. Say something along the lines of, "We hope that you have a terrific year being 4-years-old." This gives the birthday card a date reference so that in case the child -- or parent -- keeps all of the cards for memorabilia, the kid will know which cards were received for his fourth birthday.

Write about the exciting things to come. Name something specific if you can. For instance, if you know that the birthday child is celebrating his fourth birthday by going on a family vacation, tell him how much fun he can expect.

Include a sentence about how the birthday child is loved. Children enjoy hearing that they are loved and appreciated, especially on birthdays. Say, "We love you" or "We love and miss you," for those who live out of town.

Draw extra graphics on the card. Make images that are birthday specific, such as pictures of a bunch of balloons, birthday presents or confetti. Colour the images so that they are stimulating to the 4-year-old.

Keep the card short and sweet. Cards that ramble on will lose their meaning to the child. Use simple sentences that will make sense to the birthday kid when the card is read to him. Avoid using big words that he may not recognise.

Make your sentences rhyme if you can. Poetry is a rhythmic sound that young kids are able to identify, and the singsong sound will stick with the child.

Sign your name at the bottom of the card. This lets the child know who sent the card. At the age of four, children can identify names to a face.


In case the birthday child wants to read the card himself, write your message in big letters that are easily legible. The 4-year-old may be practicing reading at the time he receives the card.

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