How to Draw a Baby Buggy

A baby buggy is another term for baby stroller or carriage. The baby buggy was invented by English architect William Kent -- in 1733 -- for Duke of Devonshire. A basket seat was conceived to be pulled by a shetland pony or a dog. Draw your own baby buggy with a basket by observing the contours or outline of its basic structure.

Draw a half-horizontal oval shape with a flat top. This looks like an egg on its side cut lengthwise. This will be the basket space.

Add a perpendicular line from the centre of the basket going up. Make the line the same width as the basket. This will be the top of the sunshade for the basket. Draw a curved line from the top of the perpendicular line. Continue it all the way to the left of the basket, so it meets the back of the buggy.

Draw one wheel half the size of the basket in the front-bottom of the buggy. Draw one the same size in the back-bottom of the buggy. These are wheels as seen from one side.

Draw a diagonal line from the opposite end of the sunshade. This is the handle coming out from the right; make the handle no longer than the height of the sun shade. Add another line close to the first diagonal, so it looks like a handle you can grasp. Connect the lines at the top of the handle.

Add spokes on the wheels and a frame for the sunshade. Add shadows on the inside of the sunshade and ground.

Things You'll Need

  • HB pencil
  • Drawing paper
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