How to Convert a OneNote File to Word

Updated July 20, 2017

OneNote is a program from Microsoft for organising text-based documents; you can employ it to take notes during work meetings or in school. OneNote allows you to create your own notebooks, sections, pages and subpages. When you save your data, OneNote uses its own file system; each file is a OneNote section (*.one) file, and, unfortunately, Microsoft Word can't use them as they are. You can convert OneNote documents to Word documents, however.

Open the OneNote file that you want to convert.

Click the page or subpage that you want to convert. You can select "Notebooks" using the left-hand Notebooks pane and specific sections or pages with the tabs at the top and the Pages pane on the right-hand side.

Click the "Office" button in the top left corner, and then click "Save As" to open the Save As dialogue box. If you have OneNote 2007, this option is under the File menu.

Select what pages to convert in the Page Range section, near the bottom of the window. You can choose "Selected Page(s)" or "Current Section." The former saves only the specific page or subpage displayed on your screen. If you're viewing a page, OneNote will save all subpages within it as well. The "Current Section" choice saves all the pages within the section you have open; this includes everything in the selected tab at the top of the window, which is listed in the right-hand Pages pane.

Click the drop-down menu by "Save as Type," and select "Microsoft Word XML Document (.docx)." If you want to convert the file type for use with pre-2007 versions of Microsoft Word, select "Microsoft Office Word Document (.doc)."

Navigate to the location in which you want to save the converted file.

Click "Save."


A OneNote page is a portion of a section, and it can contain as many subpages as you want. You can visually distinguish a subpage from a page using the right-side pane in OneNote; subpages are visually oriented below and within their respective pages. When you open the Save As dialogue box, a Current Notebook option exists, which includes all sections within one notebook. This option only allows you to convert the document to a PDF, XPS or OneNote Single File Package (onepkg), so you can't convert the file to a Word document that way.

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