Scholl Corn Remover Pads Instructions

Updated April 17, 2017

Corns can be a painful and unsightly problem for many people. They are commonly caused by tight fitting shoes and foot deformities, like hammer toes, which cause excessive rubbing. Scholl's corn remover pads use a medicated disc that contains salicylic acid. It softens the hardened corn's surface and causes the skin to slough, or peel. These corn removal pads are most effective on the toes or ball of the foot. They are easy to use and a quick and safe way to remove irritating corns.

Clean and soak your feet in warm water for a few minutes. Dry your feet and toes thoroughly.

Remove Scholl's medicated disc and pad from the backing paper. Apply the medicated disc by adhering it to the skin, making sure it is centred on the corn. Cover it with the cushion pad. Wash your hands after each application.

Repeat the treatment daily until the corn begins to peel and can be removed. This should not take more than two weeks. If it does, stop and seek medical advice before continuing treatment.


Do not use if you're diabetic, under 16 years old, pregnant or have severe circulatory disorders unless specifically directed by a doctor. If your corn or surrounding skin is inflamed or broken, do not use. Stop using the corn remover pads if you experience irritation or severe discomfort.

Things You'll Need

  • Scholl corn remover pads
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