How to Add a Tiffany Charm to a Bracelet

Updated April 14, 2017

A charm bracelet is a beautiful piece of jewellery to own or gift to a loved one. The charms placed on it often have some significance to the wearer. These charms can be removed and new ones added over the years, as different milestones occur in life or as tastes change. Charm bracelets allow for flexibility and cost savings, as you can own one bracelet but have several different looks by mixing and matching the charms. Tiffany & Co., with its iconic blue box and white ribbon packaging, offers many options for both bracelets and charms.

Determine whether your bracelet has clasping links or regular links. Clasping links have a break in each link that allows you to push each side of the break apart to slip on the charm. If you have this type, proceed to Step 2. A regular link is closed, with no breaks in it. If you have this type, proceed to Step 3 (and 4).

Choose the clasping link where you would like to attach your charm. Push one end of the link where the break is located gently with your fingers on one hand so there is a slight opening. Slip the ring attached to the top of the Tiffany charm onto one end of the open link with your other hand. Release the link end. It should go back into place. Repeat for each charm you wish to add.

Pull back the small lever on the spring clasp of the regular link bracelet to reveal an opening. Put the ring found at the top of each Tiffany charm through this. Release the lever to close.

Choose the link where you would like to attach your charm. Pull back the small lever on the spring clasp again and put the bracelet link through the opening. Release to close. Repeat this process for every charm you add.


Some Tiffany charms have smaller rings or loops on top. Before purchasing, make sure the charms are appropriate for your bracelet. Spring ring clasps are available for purchase at Tiffany & Co. stores.


Do not push the link ends too far apart from each other to avoid altering the shape of the link. Charms may fall off if not fastened securely. To avoid this, the most secure way to affix Tiffany charms is to have Tiffany & Co. solder each charm to your bracelet. Contact the store closest to you directly to find out the cost.

Things You'll Need

  • Spring ring clasp if needed
  • Charms
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